Official Hospitality / Business Catering Approval and Reporting

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Official Hospitality / Business Catering Approval and Reporting

An efficient process to record details of proposals to provide official entertainment or Business Catering and to record delegate approval.

Applications are made to host various forms of events such as seminars, staff functions, client functions etc. Each application goes through a work flow approval process, with a separate approval process for the provision of alcohol (if required). Based on the information about each event a determination is made whether the event is subject to FBT and whether it is classed as Official Hospitality or Business Catering (also known as Food and Beverage or Sustenance).


  • Puts an efficient governance process around this sensitive area of expenditure.
  • Provides a repository of detailed information about each expenditure.
  • System determines if the expenditure is official hospitality and/or subject to FBT so applicants do not need to understand these complex rules
  • Work-flows to delegates ensures appropriate officials are approving this type of expenditure.
  • Simple and effective reporting means detailed reports can be produced quickly and easily. This assists particularly in responding to questions-on-notice from Senate Estimates.
  • Provides relevant data in preparing the department’s FBT return. This considerably improves the efficiency of the FBT process.
  • Appropriate GL code is automatically determined.

A simple report process allows quick access to all Official Hospitality and entertainment FBT liabilities.