Non-Compliance Reporting and Surveying

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Non-Compliance Reporting and Surveying

Non-Compliances are reported via an on-line form at any time which can then be work flowed to authorised people for review/modification and finalisation.

Also includes a secure and flexible compliance survey tool providing administrators a management dashboard showing the status of all participants.

Features and Benefits

• Significantly reduces effort required to produce Compliance Reports.

• Manages non-compliances of any framework. E.g. PGPA Act, Accountable Authority Instructions, internal policies.

• High quality information about non-compliances.

• Single point of truth. All information is stored in a single database. Only one copy of each non-compliance or survey is kept in the database instead of multiple, potentially disparate, copies in email systems/Excel spreadsheets.

• Non-compliances can be reported as they are identified. Allows much greater detail to be provided about each non-compliance, facilitating better identification of internal training issues or process flaws. This has significant benefit over a generic/periodic survey system as non-compliance can be recorded centrally in detail as soon as they are identified rather than waiting until the next survey is performed. In addition, all authorised parties have on-line access to all reported breaches within their area of supervision, therefore providing much greater transparency.

• Centrally managed survey system to periodically capture previously unreported non-compliances. While offering centralised control and reporting, survey management can be delegated to relevant managers or administrative staff to alleviate the burden on the finance teams, if required.

• Surveying for non-compliances is easy to manage as the survey administrator has complete control over the process.

• Non-compliances can be analysed more efficiently and effectively.

• Highly configurable, allowing administrating users the flexibility to customise the Non-compliance reporting and survey processes to meet their own agency’s requirements.

• Non-compliance information is easily accessible by authorised users and managers.

• Easy to use.

• Highly configurable, allowing administrating users the flexibility to customise the non-compliance reporting and survey processes to meet their own organisation’s requirements.

• Workflow that keeps administrators and managers up to date. Allows the complete process to be performed efficiently. Everyone is informed about tasks they need to perform as soon as the task is ready for their action.

• Sophisticated reporting capability allowing extensive filtering of both detail and summary reports. Reports are available to all authorised staff.

• System generated reminders. Incomplete surveys can be easily identified and followed up with reminder emails sent by the system at any time. This significantly reduces the effort required by administrators to ensure all surveys are completed.

• Users do not need to have any technical knowledge and are guided through the process. This makes the process of reporting breaches significantly quicker and much less frustrating to users.