Future Year Commitment Approval and Reporting

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Future Year Commitment Approval and Reporting

An efficient process to capture, monitor and report on future year commitments entered by the agency.


  • Supports the Secretary in ensuring the financial sustainability of the agency by providing a review point for major commitments before the commitment is authorised.
  • Allows commitment levels to be tracked continuously to support appropriate management decision-making about further future commitments.
  • The use of delegate workflow means that decisions can be directed to and undertaken by appropriate officials in the department.
  • Simple and effective reporting means relevant information can be accessed on a real-time basis – anytime.

Replaces the previous Regulation 10 requirement under the previous FMA Act. Note: While the new PGPA Act does not have an explicit equivalent to the Regulation 10 requirement, many agencies are intending to keep this process to ensure future year commitments are properly managed.

Applications can be lodged and then undergo a number of stages of workflow review and certification. As the applicant begins entering information, the application form adapts based on the information supplied, ensuring that only the appropriate information is requested, maintaining ease of entry and simplicity.

Once the applicant has submitted the application, the system manages the workflow steps through SES review and certification, Budget & Management Accounting review and certification, Administrative budget calculation and review, and finally, Delegate review and authorisation. All steps are accompanied by customisable emails so that all relevant users are kept up to date throughout the process.

All actions on the Forward Year Commitment application are logged, providing authorised users with a complete history of the application’s path through the process.
The functionality uses, and updates, budgetary data, ensuring that administrators and delegates have a complete view of current budget position. Also, many aspects of the Forward-Year Commitment application form, such as certification statements and lookup-lists, are customisable by administrative users.