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Assurance Surveys 

Are a powerful and secure tool to survey about assurance activities within your organisation. Configure survey questions covering any assurance requirement. Allows any type of response with the ability to enter or upload additional information. Survey managers are provided a dashboard showing the status of all participants. Allows delegation of surveys to other people who may be responsible for completing parts of the survey.


  • Data is secure. Unlike other internet based survey tools, the data gathered is stored in Australia and meets Australian Government security and privacy requirements.
  • Data is centralised and provides a useful repository for future reference and audit.
  • Provides automated reminder messages to participants and can report on the status of each participant.
  • Allows creation of any type of survey.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Central location for all surveys so information is readily available to all authorised users.
  • Enterprise wide availability.


  • Survey answers can be configured to be any type including short or long text, Yes/No, single select list, multi select list, dates or numeric.
  • Survey questions can be configured to request additional information depending on the response provided by the recipient. This includes upload of documents and/or textural information.
  • Conditional questions.
  • Automated reminders.
  • Proxys may be assigned to perform surveys on behalf of people who are not available.
  • Rich HTML editing allowing embedded video, etc.
  • Exception based reporting.
  • Sophisticated analysis is available with charting capability.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Centralised or devolved management of surveys and participants.
  • Invitations to participants can be based on organisation structure if required.
  • Reporting based on organisation structure if required.
  • Comprehensive reports and analysis tools.