Accountable Forms Management

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Accountable Forms Management

A system to manage the acquisition, management and deployment of accountable forms (e.g. Cabcharge, e-Tickets).

Highly flexible and powerful module which allows the tracking of accountable forms in both bulk and individual basis. Manages and tracks forms from their entry into the organisation, movements between registers, and issue of forms to individuals on a one-by-one basis. A hand shake process between the issuer and the receiver ensures the location of the form is accurately recorded at any given time.

Effectively devolves accountable form and asset management, allowing individuals to create their own registers and transfer forms, etc., while maintaining full control over every individual accountable form in the organisation.


  • Systematises what is otherwise a resource-intensive manual process.
  • Provides an effective governance framework for a sensitive/moderate-risk area of business, including delegate workflows and confirmation of issue/receipt of forms.
  • Decreases the opportunity for fraud to occur.
  • Regular stocktake identifies discrepancies early.
  • Allows for centralisation of management activities.
  • Transparency around total holdings of accountable forms.
  • Simple yet comprehensive management reporting.


  • Configurable for any type of form.
  • Management of forms registers.
  • Configurable workflow for all form process.
  • Transfer forms process.
  • Destroy forms process.
  • Report lost forms process.
  • Issue forms process.
  • Manual and auto generated stock takes.