Financial Management Compliance System

The Financial Management Compliance System (FMCS) is an on-line tool meeting a wide range of governance, compliance and assurance requirements. Assists Accountable Authorities in meeting the requirement to; 

  • establish and maintain an appropriate system of risk oversight and management, including implementing measures directed at ensuring officials of the entity comply with the finance law.
  • develop and implement appropriate processes to review the entity’s compliance with the finance law and ensure instances of significant non-compliance are notified to the responsible Minister.

The FMCS is used by most Australian Federal Government Departments and many other Australian Government agencies.

Includes the following solutions;

Available as an Australian Federal Government approved cloud solution (optionally integrated with Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s VANguard Government Authentication Services).

The FMCS can be purchased via a Department of Human Services multi agency contract, considerably simplifying procurement.

Non Compliance Reporting and Surveying 

Manages instances of non-compliance to any governance framework such as PGPA Act, Accountable Authority Instructions and other internal policy. Provides reports for managers, auditors and other authorised people.

Assists with the requirement to implement measures directed at ensuring officials comply with the finance law and to review an entity’s compliance.

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Assurance Surveys

Secure assurance surveying about any requirement such as Risk Management, Debt Management, Management Assurance Certificates, Credit Card Usage Assurance and any form of assurance survey. View progress, send reminders, analysis of results.

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Official Hospitality / Business Catering Approval and Reporting

An efficient process to record details of proposals to provide official entertainment or business catering and to record delegate approval.

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Motor Vehicle Fleet FBT Reporting

Recording of vehicle operating information for fleet management and FBT liability calculation. Includes approval of home-garaging arrangements with delegate workflows.

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Future Year Commitment Approval and Reporting

Efficient process to track and facilitate the approval of future-year expenditure to support the requirement of ensuring financial sustainability. Supports the Secretary in ensuring the financial sustainability of the agency by providing a review point for major commitments before the commitment is authorised.

Allows workflows to budget areas, delegates etc

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Contingent Liability Approval and Reporting

Management, approval and reporting of contingent liabilities, such as indemnities, warranties etc. Workflows to delegates for approval.

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Accountable Forms Management

A system to manage the acquisition, management and deployment of accountable forms (e.g. Cabcharge, e-Tickets).

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On-Line Training

Deliver video based training such as PGPA Act and other training. Includes review questions to assess comprehension

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General Surveys

Secure collection of any type of information in a survey format. View progress, send reminders, analysis of results.

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Performance Reporting

Manages corporate performance reporting of deliverables, risks, KPIs, budget and other performance measures within your corporate plan.

Makes enterprise performance reporting a simple and transparent process, giving management access to performance information when they need it.

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